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Children’s jacket free sewing pattern – Anorak LUKA

Jacket on! Get outside! Anorak LUKA is a functional jacket for the little ones.

LUKA is a hoodie-style pullover jacket with a kangaroo pocket on the front. Well suited for active children who alove tob e outside in all weather. Sewn from softshell or rain jacket fabric, this cool windbreaker is a robust and reliable companion for a day out in nature.

Practical and quick to put on, the jacket offers enough protection against the wind and cooler spring temperatures.

Windbreaker Kinder Schnittmuster

This smile is guaranteed to melt everyone’s heart! We would like to thank Andrea from @liebedinge for these beautiful pictures!


Andrea von Liebedinge was so enthusiastic about the pattern for the children’s jacket that she sewed two jackets for her little son.

For the green jacket she used the softshell item no. 200297 and the blue anorak is sewn from our softshell Melange item no. 200061.

Are you a fabric dealer? New to our assortment: Popeline stone washed Art.Nr. 206690 is a  light fabric with a paper touch finish that is ideal for inbetween season jackets!



The pattern is available from 12 months to 4 years. 

Download the free children’s jacket pattern now.

If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram with the hashtag #anorakluka and tag us @hemmersitex.

The seam allowances are NOT included in the pattern.

The pattern consists of 12 DINA4 pages, which you have to put together as followers:





Anorak Freebook Schnittmuster
Kinderjacke nähen kostenloses Schnittmuster
Windbreaker für Kinder nähen


Material consumption:


Size: 9-12 months/1 years/2 years /3 years /4 years

110/115/120/125/130 cm (150 cm wide)

Zipper 4mm wide:



Front insert

The front insert is cut 4 times. 2 pattern pieces are needed for the facing and can be cut from a different fabric (jersey, fleece).

Sew in the zipper: Insert the zipper between the facing and the front piece. The teeth point towards the sleeve seam. Secure with a straight stitch, turn right side out.

Pin the right side of the front panel to the right fabric edge of the front panel, cutout and sew right sides together.

Troyer nähen

This seam ends 1 cm below the edge of the neckline. Repeat the same on the other side.

Windbreaker nähen

In the lower corners (front part), make deep incisions towards the end points of the seams (like a polo clasp).

Kinderanorak nähen

Fold the front part right sides together at the bottom of the slit and carefully sew the trapez shaped seam allowance that was created when you cut it onto the lower edge of the front part insert. Finish the edges of the fabric.

Kinderjacke mit Reißverschluss nähen

Sewing the kangaroo pocket

Pocket opening, Place the seam allowance on the inside and topstitch.

Fold the bottom edge of the pocket seam allowance to the inside, fix with pins.

Turn the bag 180 degrees (“upside down”) and place it right sides together on the front piece. Sew the upper edge of the bag at the pattern marking with a straight stitch.

Lay the pocket down, topstitch the upper and lower edges.

Put together

Pin the front and back pieces together, right sides facing, sew shoulder seams.

Sew the sleeves onto the armholes, right sides together.

Sew sleeves and side seam.

Turn the sleeve and jacket hem inside, topstitch, possibly work with a cuff.


Outer hood: Place the hood parts on top of each other, right sides together, sew.

Inner hood: repeat the process.

Pin both hoods right sides together, sew the front edges together, turn right side out.

Pin the hood from the outer fabric to the neckline and sew.

Sew the inner hood only in the area of ​​the front neckline, turn right side out.

Fold the seam allowance of the inner hood (neckline at the back) to the inside, topstitch from the right.

Topstitch the front insert close to the edge.

Topstitch the front edges of the hood.

Kinderjacke Freebook

We wish you a lot of fun while sewing!

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