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Trapez bag

Trapez bag sewing pattern

A woman can never have enough bags! Thats a fact!!!!

Whether ist a Winter bag, a summer bag, a shopping bag, a sports bag, a clutch or a backpack, there is the right bag for every occasion. And yes, we need them ALL!!!

Without a bag we feel… so incomplete. They represent our personality and are the icing on the cake of every outfit. This is where we transport our survival kits, mobile offices and half a medicine chest. Cookies, lipsticks and safety pins, we always have everything with us! (You never know!)

Do you love self-sewn DIY fashion? Do you love upgrading your outfits with great accessories?

Then these instructions and the free sewing pattern TRAPEZ BAG are perfect for you!

TRAPEZ BAG can be worn in two ways, when opened it is a shopper, with the side parts folded inwards it becomes a trapezium. To ensure that the bag retains its trapezoidal silhouette, you can sew in a carabiner and a ring from the inside, between the trim and the lining.

Trapez Tasche nähen


We sewed our bag using our artificial leather item no: 200295. Are you a fabric dealer on our online shop? Here you will find many high-quality leather imitations.


Download the free TRAPEZ BAG pattern now.

If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram with the hashtag #trapezbag and tag us  @hemmersitex.

All seam allowances are included in the pattern.

The pattern consists of 16 DIN A4 pages and must be composed as follows:


B1…B4 etc.

Attention, the SIDE PIECE OF THE LINING must be shortened by 5cm.

Trapez Tasche Schnittmuster


Fabric consumption: Approx. 1m x 1m imitation leather (outer fabric) and 1m x 1m lining fabric


Fold the fabric strips right sides together, sew, turn and topstitch from the right side on both sides.


Tip: You can cut the ruffle longer than indicated. Unfortunately, imitation leather cannot be ruffled as nicely as fabrics with a sewing machine. You can fold the ruffle with a fork. Be sure to check out this video!

Pin the finished ruffle to the side of the large pattern piece (front pattern for the bag) and first sew close to the edge with an basting seam.

Pin the side part of the bag to the front part with the ruffle and sew.

Trapez Tasche nähen Anleitung


Inside pockets

Pin the inner pocket to the front part made of the lining material, right sides together and sew.

Iron the seam and topstitch, placing the inner pocket inside. So that these 3 layers of fabric do not shift, topstitch the side fabric edges close to the edge.

Tasche Schnittmuster kostenlos

Pin the side pieces to the front piece and sew. Leave an opening for turning later to the correct side.

Fold the side parts in the middle, mark these places. Sew a carabiner on one side and a counterpart (e.g. a metal ring) on the other. band length: 6 cm

Tasche Freebook
Trapez Tasche kostenloses Schnittmuster

Close the trimmings to form a ring, pin them to the lining pocket right sides together and sew.

Pin the outside pocket into the lining right sides together and sew the top edges of the fabric together.

Turn the bag right side out through the lining hole. And sew the opening shut.

Of course, you can also sew the TRAPEZ BAG without the frills – this way your new bag will become a fashion tote with simple elegance.

Tasche Schnittmuster

We wish you a lot of fun while sewing!

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