DIY Gauze Blouse

Anlukaa blouse sewing pattern – Sewing blogger collab

She is a DIY fashion icon and a great inspiration for thousands of hobby sewers around the world.

With her phenomenal fashion sense, she sets DIY fashion trends and triggers hypes that we all want to sew and wear immediately. Anlukaa – THE woman with the striking curls, sunglasses and red lipstick.

We think Andrea has a very special knack for fabrics, accessories, patterns and colours. She manages to create the most amazing looks even from absolutely basic textiles like sweat or muslin.

We love her outfits and the ingenious details and are absolutely thrilled by this casual style every time.

This woman simply has that certain something that she brings across in an incredibly casual and skilful way.

In cooperation with Andrea, we created our new pattern – a casual raglan blouse that is easy to sew and uncomplicated to style. Elasticated cuffs and a ruffled neckline give the blouse a certain boho touch. The cut is designed for woven fabrics. You can let your creativity run wild with this model – whether softly falling viscose, muslin, linen or light denim – this blouse definitely has the potential to become a favourite piece!

Anlukaa Bluse


Andrea sewed the blouse from Gauze 209255.

Are you a fabric dealer? In our online shop you will find many yarn-dyed gauze fabrics that are wonderful for blouses.

We recommend gauze check 210678 and gauze stripes 210677 and of course the great blouse fabrics from our current fashion collection.



We are often asked: Where can I buy your fabrics? Hemmers Itex is a fabric wholesaler from Nordhorn, so unfortunately you can’t buy our fabrics directly from us.

Just ask your favourite fabric retailer for our fabrics and show us your sewing results on the social media channels with the hashtag #fabricsvoryourcreativity. We are excited!

Bluse Musselin Freebook


The free pattern for the raglan blouse is available in sizes 36-46.

Fabric consumption: at 1.5 m fabric width approx. 1.5m for all sizes.

The seam allowance is not included in the pattern.

Download the free Anlukaa blouse sewing pattern now. If you have a photo, feel free to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #anlukaabluse and link us @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 24 DINA4 pages, which you have to put together according to this pattern:





Musselin Bluse Schnittmuster
Musselin Bluse Schnittmuster kostenlos



1 front 1 x cut on fold

2 back 1 x cut on fold

3 sleeves 2 x

4 collar 2 x cut on fold

A front facing

Iron interfacing onto slit facing A and part of the collar.

Anlukaa Bluse Schnittmuster

Sewing the blouse:

Collar. Pin collar pieces right sides together, topstitch along front edges at top edge and curves, ending 1 cm from bottom edge.

Trim seam allowances, cut in at curves, turn collar right sides out, press.

Neaten slit facing A.

Stretch the fly facing right sides together on the front piece. The slit markings (line in the centre) are on top of each other. Stitch narrowly around the slit markings. Cut between the stitching lines. Turn facing inwards, press slit edges and topstitch from right side.

Place front piece right sides together on back piece. Sew side seams, neaten and press.

Fold sleeves in half lengthwise, right side of fabric inside. Sew sleeve seams, neaten and press.

Pin sleeves right sides together to front and back. The sleeve/front markings meet. Sleeve seams meet side seams.

Sew in sleeves. Cleanse seam allowances, press.

Trim sleeve hem allowance, press inwards, topstitch, leave opening for elastic. Pull in elastic.

Shirring neckline.

Sew a shirring seam inside the seam allowance with longer stitches and less thread tension.

Shirring the neckline until it is as wide as the collar.

Evenly distribute the gathers, making sure that the markings on the collar match the markings on the sleeves.

Collar: Pin collar piece with interfacing right sides together to neckline and sew.

Place seam allowance of collar without interfacing inside collar. Pin carefully to the neckline and sew.

Press and enjoy wearing your new blouse!

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