A dress for Andrea

frau maerz dress sewing pattern and fabrics collection

frau_maerz is one of the most famous content creators in the German-speaking world for sewing, DIY and fashion. Andrea’s style is characterized by simple shapes, bold colors and timeless but modern and hip design.

Now she has developed her first own fabric collection in cooperation with us. The result is a small fabric series that picks up both the color and pattern trends of the year and can be combined in many ways.


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In addition, we are proud to present you a new pattern today, which was also designed by Andrea.

#fraumaerzdress is a loosely cut tunic dress with a small stand-up collar, V-neck, a box pleat at the back, ¾ sleeves and side pockets. Clearly defined, simple and casual – typical frau maerz!

Frau März Kleid Schnittmuster
Frau März Freebook

We are often asked: Where can I buy your fabrics? Hemmers Itex is a fabric wholesaler from Nordhorn, so unfortunately you can’t buy our fabrics directly from us. Just ask your favourite fabric retailer for our fabrics and show us your sewing results on the social media channels with the hashtag #fabricsforyourcreativity. We are excited!


The pattern is designed for woven fabrics. You can sew this dress in viscose, poplin, jeans, twill or linen, for example.

Fabric consumption:

Size 36: 2 m

size 38 – 46: 2,5 m

The dress is approx. 105 cm long

The pattern is available in sizes 36-46. The seam allowances are not included in the pattern.

Download the free tunic dress pattern now. If you have a photo, feel free to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #fraumaerzdress and link us @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 30 DINA4 pages, which you have to put together according to this pattern:


A 1-2, B 1-2, C 1-2-3, D 1-2-3

Back part:

E 1-2, F 1-2-3, G 1-2-3, H 1-2-3.

Sleeves, collar, pockets, neckline trim

I 1-2-3, J 1-2-3, K 1-2-3

Kleid Schnittmuster Freebook
Sommerkleid Schnittmuster


Cut iron-on interfacing for the collar (1 x) and for the front facings (2 x – facing pieces are only half reinforced with Vlieseline) without seam allowance.

Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the lower collar and onto the two facing pieces.

Fold the facings in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and iron.

Reinforce the end of the incision in the front piece on the wrong side of the fabric with a small piece of fleece linen to prevent it from tearing.

Viskose Popeline by frau maerz

With right sides together, pin the neckline panels open to the slit – the shorter end facing the armhole and stitch in the width of the sewing foot.

This seam ends 1 cm below the neckline edge. Repeat on the other side.

Cut the front piece diagonally at the lower slit end close to the seam.

Place seam allowances in the facings.

Stitch the facings 0.2 cm wide on top of each other.

Also topstitch the other edge of the facing 0.2 cm wide.

Turn the lower slit end of the facing to the wrong side of the fabric.

Turn the tip of the notch to the wrong side of the fabric and topstitch across the tip and the facings close to the seam.

Kleid Schnittmuster Freebook


Place pleat on back piece as marked, pin in place on seam allowance.

Pin this piece to shoulder yoke right sides together, sew.

Topstitch shoulder seams.

Kostenlose Schnittmuster Kleid


Topstitch one collar piece to neckline. Seam allowance overlaps at facing. Topstitch collar to each other. Turn right side out. Topstitch collar along neckline 0.2 cm apart. Topstitch collar 0.2 cm wide.

Insert sleeves

Kleid nähen Anleitung


Pin and sew pocket pouches to side seam edges of front and back.

Make seam allowance-deep incisions in the top and bottom edges of the pocket openings of the back piece and place seam allowances on the side of the back piece and topstitch close to edge.

Work seam allowances of pocket bags of front piece in the same way.

Frau März

Sleeve and side seams

Sew side seams first from sleeve hem edges to top edge markings of pocket welt and then from bottom edge markings of pocket welt to hem edge.


Turn hem allowance at bottom sleeve edges to the outside, turn in another 1 cm and topstitch in place.

Turn hem allowance inward at bottom edge of dress, topstitch in place.

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