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Birte dress

Wrap shirt dress free sewing pattern – Birte dress

If you love to sew and wear dresses, then you absolutely must try your hand at a wrap dress! Birte dress – this pattern is a real highlight that will wrap you around its finger regardless of the season.

By the way, we have the designer Diane von Fürstenberg to thank for a wrap dress.

She invented the dress in 1973 and one of her most beautiful models is on display at the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

You can admire the good, absolutely timeless piece HERE.

Birte dress is closed on the side with a tie. On the other side, the pieces are additionally held together on the inside by a button and a small elastic loop.

frau märz Kleid Schnittmuster


We are often asked: Where can I buy your fabrics? Hemmers Itex is a fabric wholesaler from Nordhorn, so unfortunately you can’t buy our fabrics directly from us.

Just ask your favourite fabric retailer for our fabrics and show us your sewing results on the social media channels with the hashtag #fabricsforyourcreativity. We are excited!


We had the wrap shirt dress sewn from the viscose twill art.no.: 210638 & 639. Both designs were created in cooperation with the influencer frau maerz.

The pattern is designed for light woven fabrics as well as for stretchy fabrics. For the best fit, we recommend fabrics with 3-4% elastane, such as viscose and satin, crêpe, velvet stretch but also fine jersey fabrics and light knits.


The free pattern for the wrap dress is available in sizes 36-46.

Fabric consumption: (1.5 m fabric width)


Interlining for the collar

Round elastic approx. 6 cm

The seam allowance is not included in the pattern.

Download the free wrap dress pattern BIRTE now. If you have a photo, feel free to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #birtedress and link us @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 39 DINA4 pages, which you have to put together according to this pattern:






A Front left 1 x

A1 Facing front 1 x


B Front right 1 x

B1 Facing front 1 x


C Back 1 x cut on fold

D Sleeves 2 x

E Cut collar 2 x cut on fold

F Binding tape right 2 x


Reinforce upper collar with Vlieseline

Sew shoulder seams together. Neaten.


Pin sleeves to sleeve cut-outs, making sure the markings line up, sew. Overcast seam.

Overcast sleeve hem edge, press.

Binding tape

Binding tape Section F: Place both sections right sides together, sew together. Trim back seam allowances. Turn right side out. Press. Topstitch if necessary.

Pin the binding tape to the side seam of right front B, right sides together, according to the marking. Sew on close to the edge.

Sew the sleeve and side seams together. Neaten.

Overcast the bottom edge of the dress and press.


Place collar pieces right sides together, sew. Trim seam allowances, turn right sides out, press.

Pin collar to neckline from mark to mark. Sew.

Elastic loop

Place elastic on front piece B. Knot the end pieces.

On the opposite side, at the same height, a button will later be sewn on in the seam allowance.


Neaten the shoulder seams and the outer fabric edges of the A1 and B1 facings.

Pin the facings right sides together on the front pieces. Sew. Press seam.

Fix the shoulder seam with a few stitches at the shoulder seam.

If the facing folds outwards, topstitch from the outside.

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