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Cardigan CINDY

Cardigan free sewing pattern

Do you love quick and easy sewing projects with the WOW factor? Then the CINDY cardigan is just what you need! With the free CINDY pattern you can easily sew a casual cardigan yourself. You can use this relaxed fit cardigan with kimono sleeves almost all year round and combine it in a number of ways.

Cardigan Schnittmuster Freebook
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No matter whether indoors or outdoors, this uncomplicated cardigan is an ideal companion for every situation. A cardigan for all occasions that even as a beginner you’ll be able to sew yourself with no problems!

Cardigan Schnittmuster Freebook
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Depending on the fabric you choose, you can make the cardigan cosy and warm for the winter or a light knit or viscose jersey for the summer.

Sew it, throw it on, snuggle in, look great, done!

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The pattern is available in sizes 36-46. 

The pattern includes a 2.5cm seam allowance for the sleeves and hem.

Please allow 0.7cm on all other fabric edges.

Download the free CINDY cardigan sewing pattern now. If you have a photo, feel free to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #cardigancindy and link us @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 24 A4 pages which need to be put together according to the pattern:






Cardigan Schnittmuster Freebie
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Cardigan free sewing pattern

Cardigan length:

102,5/103/103,5/104/104,5/105 cm

Fabric consumption for 140 cm fabric width:

265/265/270/270/270/270 cm

For greater stability and a more attractive result, the shoulder seams can additionally be stabilised with a narrow strip of fabric.

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Sew up the shoulder seams.

Serge the sleeve seams.

Sew up the side seams.

Serge the hem.

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Iron Vlieseline (H609) onto the neckline and the front facings.

Serge the fabric edges (outside edges) which are subsequently exposed.

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Belege rechts auf rechts stecken, Schulternähte nähen.

Belege rechts auf rechts auf die Vorderkante, auf den Halsausschnitt und auf den Saum im Vorderteil des Cardigans stecken, nähen.

Put the facings right sides together, sew up the shoulder seams.

Put the facings right sides together on the front edge, neckline and the seam at the back of the cardigan and then sew.

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Topstitch the hem.

Sleeve hem: Turn hem inwards and topstitch. That’s it! 

Sara gave us a really great tip: I didn’t topstitch the facing and hem, but ironed it with hem tape so that there was no visible seam in the pattern.

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