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Kids coat sewing pattern – WOOLI Jacket

We can’t stop raving about whale loden! Wool is such a grateful material. It is absolutely easy to cut and work with and does not need to be serged. The fabric is made of 100% sheep’s wool, is very robust, easy to clean and has excellent properties.

Breathable, heat-regulating, slightly wind- and water-repellent and especially when worn by small children, the sweet little jackets or whale overalls look totally cute.

With a lot of love and passion we have developed the new pattern for you and your children. Jacket WOOLI is a classic hooded jacket that closes with buttons. The cute fabric ears give the whale jacket a playful look. The jacket has a nice fit that offers good freedom of movement.

At this point we would like to thank our fantastic design sewing team for their efforts and the great pictures! We are so happy and grateful that the pattern and instructions got the finishing touches thanks to you.





Nähideen für Kinder Walkloden
Walk Jacke für Kinder Schnittmuster kostenlos
Walk Jacke für Mädchen Schnittmuster


The pattern is designed for coat fabrics such as whalecloth. Alternatively, you can sew the jacket in sweat, jacquard or fleece.

Are you a fabric dealer? In our assortment you will find many fabrics that are wonderfully suitable for this children’s jacket. We recommend Walkloden item no.: 200031 and Walkloden Melange item no.: 209552 and of course the great checked coat fabrics from our current autumn/winter fashion collection.



We are often asked: Where can I buy your fabrics? Hemmers Itex is a fabric wholesaler from Nordhorn, so unfortunately you can’t buy our fabrics directly from us.

Just ask your favourite fabric retailer for our fabrics and show us your sewing results on the social media channels with the hashtag #fabricsvoryourcreativity. We are excited!

Walk Jacke für Kinder nähen


The free pattern for Walk Jacket WOOLI is available in sizes 80/86/92/98/104.

Fabric consumption: at 1.5 m fabric width approx. 1 m for all sizes. Jersey fabric for the inner hood.

3 buttons

The seam allowance is not included in the pattern.

Hem allowance (sleeves and the bottom hem of the jacket) is included and is 3 cm.

Download the free Walk Jacket pattern now. If you have a photo, feel free to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #jäckchenwooli and link us @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 16 DINA4 pages, which you have to put together according to this pattern:




Walk Jacke nähen
Nähen für Kinder Walkloden


Tips for Sewing Wool Cloth

Iron wool:

On the iron, choose the lowest setting for wool and silk. Avoid direct contact between the hot iron and the fabric at all costs. Instead, simply place a damp cloth (preferably linen) between them. This preserves the fluffiness of the soft wool. If you use a steam iron, you should hold the fabric at a distance from the steam. Make sure that the hot iron does not touch the wool directly. The steam straightens the fibres of the fabric.

An ironing board is a good aid for ironing.

Buttonholes in Walk

Simply sew a rectangle with a degree stitch, cut open, done.

Jacke mit Ohren Schnittmuster


At the top edge of the pocket, fold the fabric over to the outside at the two markings (right sides together), press. Topstitch the sides. Turn right sides out, shape the corners and press. Place the pockets on the two front pieces according to the markings and sew on close to the edge.

Tip from Johanna: If someone is sewing the jacket from fuller’s wool, I’m afraid that some parts will be too thick because of the many layers of fabric and won’t be able to be sewn properly, e.g. the pockets. One solution could be to simply open-edge the pockets instead of turning them. This way you have fewer layers, it still looks neat and is quick. Both full and fleece don’t necessarily need to be serged.

Walkloden Jacke für Kinder Freebook

Shoulder seams

Place front pieces right sides together on back piece, pin in place, sew shoulder seams together. Press the seam apart.


Insert the sleeves into the armhole and then sew.

Turn sleeve hem inwards and press.


Fold the front facing and the bottom hem inwards according to the markings and press.

Close the side seams:

Sew the side up to the sleeve hem.

Topstitch the sleeve hem.

Wolljacke für Kinder Schnittmuster


Place 2 pieces on top of each other (1 x fuller fabric, 1 x jersey fabric), sew together, cut back the seam allowances. Turn right side out through the opening, press. Place the two outer markings on top of the middle markings.

Position the ears at the hood incisions, pin in place. One ear is between 2 layers of fabric. Sew. Press the seam apart.

Nähen mit Walkloden für Kinder


Place both parts of the hood (in whale loden, with ears) right sides together. Sew the round edges of the fabric together.

Prepare the lining part of the hood (in jersey fabric) in the same way (but without the ears).

Place both hoods right sides together and sew the front edges together. Turn right side out. Press the front edge of the hood and topstitch.

Now pin the hood right sides together to the neckline of the jacket.

The button bands are folded over to the outside. Sew the hood to the neckline.


Measure 3 cm at the bottom of the hem (hem width), sew on the line, turn the button placket right side out.

Shape the corner of the button placket.

Topstitch or hand stitch the hem and button placket. Alternative: The letter corner method can also be used at this point.

Saum Beleg nähen
Walkjacke säumen

Buttons & Buttonholes

Space buttons and buttonholes evenly:

8.4 cm

8.6 cm

8.8 cm

9 cm

9.2 cm


Wollwalk Jacke Schnittmuster
Kinderanorak Schnittmuster

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