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Boho skirt Steffi

Tiered skirt Free sewing pattern

Summer is just around the corner and with comes the question of all questions: What should I wear at 40°C and but still look trendy and  pretty?!

It has to be airy, comfortable to wear, easy to combine and, above all, it has to make a fashion statement.

Our secret weapon against heat: light, air-transparent fabrics made from natural fibers and… long, flowing garments. A tiered skirt, for example – is the epitome of summer. It looks light, playful and, despite its length, offers cooling and protection from the sun.

Perfect for quick, no-fuss outfits and so easy to sew!

Do you love ruffles, the carefree boho style and fancy a self-sewn tiered skirt? Then you will draw everyone’s attention with the Maxi Skirt STEFFI!

With our Freebook tiered skirt pattern, nothing stands in the way of a stylish summer.

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For this skirt we recommend light and flowing fabrics. Viscose, voile but also fine viscose jerseys are a good choice for this model. 

Our creative design sewers have also worked with other fabrics. The skirt was also sewn from double gauze (“muslin”) and seersucker.

Are you a fabric dealer? You can find a large selection of fine sumer fabrics in different qualities on our online shop.

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The skirt is sewn without a pattern, but in compliance with certain dimensions and proportions that ensure the perfect fit.

The length of the finished skirt is 100 cm.

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Material consumption: 2m, elastic waistband 4 cm wide

The skirt consists of 3 tiers. The first tier is about 20 cm high (with elastic) and the length corresponds to the hip circumference plus 10 cm.

The second tier is about 40% longer than the first and 35 cm high.

The third stage is also about 40% longer than the second and 45 cm high. 


A – Hips + 10 cm

Height: 20cm


B – 40% * A

Height – 35cm


C – 40%*C

Height – 45cm


Tip: Multiply these values by 1.4

Tip: Since the fabrics have a certain width (usually 1.45m), you can sew the individual steps out of 2 pieces of fabric of the same length.

Sew: Gather Pattern B and sew to the long edge of Pattern A.

Tip: The differences in length between the individual steps are not large. You can make the small folds directly on the machine with the help of a long, thick needle.

Gather pattern piece C and sew to pattern piece C.

Sew side seam.

Pattern A: Fold over 4 cm, topstitch, pull in elastic, close turning opening.

Hem skirt.

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