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Slouchy Pants Ella

Carrot trousers pattern

A classic but casual style that is just made for summer! The Slouchy Pants ELLA are a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

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Slouchy trousers are characterised by their high waist and carrot-shape cut, which creates a casual fit.

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The ELLA carrot trousers are fashionably short in length and feature an elasticated waist and leg cuffs. Without turn-ups, the trousers appear neater and more elegant.

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The carrot trousers pattern ELLA has been designed for woven fabrics. You can make these trousers from linen, twill, Tencel or denim as well as from French terry or lightweight sweatshirt material.

Plain washed linen black item: 200029

Linen pale green item: 200546

Plain Denim item: 200748

Linen Cotton Mix item: 200436

The pattern is available from size  36 to 46. The seam allowances are not included in the pattern.

Please note: The ELLA trousers are shorter in length. Inside leg: 64.5 cm

Download the carrot trousers pattern now. If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram with the hashtag #slouchypantsella and tag us @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 20 DINA4 pages, which you have to put together as followers:



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Material list:

Fabric: 185 (185) 190 (190) 190 (190) cm

Elastic 4cm wide, 80 (85) 90 (95) 95 (100) cm

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Pin the pockets onto the front section of the trousers right sides together and sew the pocket openings. Cut slits in the rounded edge of the seam allowance.

Place the pockets with the wrong side down and top stitch the openings.

Pin the inner pocket to the outer pocket right sides together and sew up the bottom of the pocket.

Sew the pockets on at the bottom and sides keeping close to the edge.

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Pin the front and back trousers pieces for each leg right sides together and sew up the inside leg seams.

With right sides together, pin the legs together and sew up the crotch seam.

Sew up the side seams.

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Pin the front and back waistband pieces right sides together and sew up the side seams.

Fold the waistband wrong sides together and iron flat.

Sew the ends of the elastic together to create a ring and place inside the waistband.

Sew a closing seam approx. 4.5 cm from the top edge for the elasticated waistband.

Pin the lower edge of the waistband to the top edge of the trousers right sides together and sew on. Stretch the waistband piece gently as you work.

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Place the trouser legs wrong sides together at the mark and iron the pleats.

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Turn up the bottoms of the legs and sew in place.

Iron the turn-up pleat precisely into the trouser leg and sew the side and inside leg seams at the seam line.

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