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Mermaid Gym Bag

Sewing pattern and instructions for a mermaid gym bag

If you have a little Ariel fan at home who happens to be going to school this year, and wants nothing more than to own a mermaid gym bag, you might just find a little inspiration here.

Our free sewing pattern for the mermaid gym bag is available in two sizes – the smaller version is intended for girls of nursery age its approx. 30 x 43 cm. The larger one is 35 x 51 cm (including the fin).

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We used a printed imitation leather for the bag. This buttery soft material also has a beautiful backside, thanks to the high-quality material, we were able to do without an inner lining!

Solid cottons, canvas or even sequins and velvets would also be great choices for this cute backpack!

Are you a fabric dealer? You can find our dotted synthetic leather on our online shop under item No: 132559. And for the stripes we used item No: 132558. Both fabrics are available in two colours.

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Download the free mermaid gym bag pattern now.

If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram and link us: @hemmersitex.

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Nordhorn Cap

Baseball cap free sewing pattern Hello bad hair days! Here comes the Nordhorn cap in a freebook version, because this casual accessory is very trendy again, but not only that…

What do you need?

Artificial leather  (small) 50 x 65 cm (Large) 60 x 80 cm

Alternatively: cotton fabric for the inner bag

Cord 2 m


Transfer all pattern pieces to the wrong side of the fabric. Adding 1 cm seam allowance.

Sew small loops to hold the cord from the leftover fabric and tuck them into the lower area of the fin.

Mermaid Turnbeutel Schnittmuster

Sewing the fin

Place both fins right sides together, secure and sew together.

Sewing the tunnel for the cord

Fold the short fabric edges 1 cm inwards and topstitch them to the width of a presser foot. Fold the pieces lengthways in half and fix it in the middle on the upper fabric edge of the fin to create the tunnels and draw in the cord using a safety pin.

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Adding an optional lining

Pin the fabric pieces for the lining right sides together and sew together, leaving a 10cm opening to turn the bag inside out along one side

Put the fins made of synthetic leather into the lining, right sides together. Sew along the top edge. Turn right side out and close the turning opening. Draw in the cord.

Wir hoffen, euren kleinen Mädchen den Traum von “Einmal Arielle sein” ein bisschen näher gebracht zu haben!

Meerjungfrau Turnbeutel Schnittmuster

We hope to have brought your little girls a little closer to the dream of “being an Ariel”!