Alissa dress

Free muslin dress sewing pattern – here comes ALISSA!

Sew a cute dress for your little girls out of muslin quickly and easily,  free pattern and instructions for sizes 2-3 years to 7 to 8 years

ALISSA is a simple dress with magical ruffles at the armholes, loose fitting and cute details . That’s what a girl’s dress should be like!

Musselin Kleid Schnittmuster


For the dress we have used our double gauze Item No: 134757

You can sew this pattern using practically any material, jeans, poplin, sweatshirt or jersey, let your creativity run wild!

If using stretchy fabrics a lining is not needed and you can use cuffing at the neckline instead of the facing.

For heavy fabrics such as jeans or wool, we recommend that you choose a lighter fabric in a similar colour for the lining.

Are you a fabric dealer? In our shop you will find a large selection of new, printed muslin fabrics!



If you haven’t sewn muslin yet and are wondering if you should iron the fabric then follow this guide:

To prevent it from shrinking later, the fabric should be washed before being cut, lightly dried in the tumble dryer and ironed smooth.

Since the muslin has a slightly crinkled structure, cutting the pattern without ironing is almost impossible.

To get the crushed fabric look again, you can wet the dress under running water after sewing, wring it out well and let it dry.

Download the free muslin dress pattern Alissa now. If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram and link us to @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 11x A4 pages and is put together as follows:





Musselin Kleid Schnittmuster kostenlos


The seam allowances are NOT included in the pattern. Transfer the pattern onto the fabric. Draw a 1 cm seam allowance all around and cut out all pieces.

Caution! Please note the seam allowance is only added onto one side of the ruffels as seen on the sketch!

Kleid mit Rüsche nähen


Neaten the outside edge of the ruffle.

Place the front piece onto the back piece right sides together and sew the shoulder seams together.

Pin the ruffle too the armhole and sew.

Musselin Kleid Schnittmuster

Facings: lay back and front facing pieces, right sides together and sew the shoulder seams.

Pin the facing right sides together onto the neckline.

Mark the middle on the back piece (fold in half) and mark the slit with a marker pen. Measure approx. 12 cm from the top edge of the fabric.

Schlitz nähen Kleid

Stitch the neckline, sewing approx. 2 mm on each side of the slit. Cut the slit up by approx. 2 mm from the end.

Schlitz nähen

Cut back the seam allowances at the neckline, turn right side out, shape and press. Sew on a small snap fastener.

Sew the armhole seam allowances and the seam allowance of the ruffle together. Place this seam inwards and topstitch from the right side, next to the ruffle.

Mädchenkleid mit Rüsche nähen

Close the side seams and hem the dress. That’s it, your done!

Whether for the start of school, for kindergarten or for the next birthday party. ALISSA is a real all-rounder!

Kostenloses Schnittmuster Musselin

We wish you a lot of fun while sewing!

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