Back to school sewing project

Sewing yourself a pencil case – pattern and instructions

There are so many great things to sew, using our fabric for your childs first day of school! A pencil case is one of the most important school items that every student, regardless of age needs. Just in time for the new school year, Below you will find our sewing instructions.

The uncomplicated pencil case pattern, also known as a slouch pencil case, is super practical, you can simply throw everything in, quickly and unsorted. A simple design, lots of space and an individually selected fabric with your child’s favorite motifs,  its the perfect DIY gift for the start of school!

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We used cotton item no. 117747 for our pencil case. The perfect fabric for every world explorer!

Printed cotton fabrics are excellent for this project. Does your child also love comic heroes? Our licensed fabrics are not only available on cotton jersey! Traders can find these wonderful fabrics on our online shop.



Material list:

2 pieces of fabric 30 x 30 cm,  1 x outer fabric, 1 x lining

1 zipper 30 cm long

Volume fleece H630 30 x 30 cm

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First, iron the volume fleece onto the wrong side of the outer fabric to reinforce it.

Sewing the zipper.

Place the zipper inbetween the long edges of the outer fabric. Both fabrics are right sides together, the wrong side of the fabric should now be facing you and the yzpper slider facing up. Sew the zipper close to the edge of the fabric using the zipper foot.

Repeat the same on the other side of the fabric, the zip should now be sandwiched between the outer fabric.

Stifte Etui Schnittmuster

Turn the fabric to the right side and press.

Topstitch the fabric and zpper along the zipper edge.

Place the pencil case in front of you so that the zipper is exactly in the middle.

Schlaufe einnähen

Now sew a loop (16 x 10 cm including seam allowances) from the fabric or artificial leather remnants and put it in the middle of the zipper from the inside. Topstitch everything using the width of the presser foot and finish off the seam.

Täschchen mit Reißverschluss nähen

Draw in small corners of 3.5 x 3.5 cm on the short sides of the fabric, cut out, unfold (like a bag with a bottom) and then re-sew.

Turn the pencil case right side out, shape. Finished!

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