Oh baby!

Free Maternity skirt pattern

Are you expecting a baby and your favourite skirt no longer fits?

It’s time to sew yourself a maternity skirt! With our free pattern you can sew a comfortable piece of clothing from your favourite fabric! The JOHANNA maternity skirt is slightly flared, has wide, elastic cuffs and a beautiful ruffle on the hem.

At this point we would like to thank Johanna from WOJOMOJO! Johanna tested our new pattern for us. The beautiful ruffle and the single-layer connecting the cuffing on the summer version of the skirt that was her idea! Dear Johanna, as a little thank you, we named the pattern after you!

Schwangerschaftsrock Schnittmuster
Schwangerschaftsrock Schnittmuster kostenlos


Johanna sewed her skirt out of the light (only 180 g / sqm) cotton jersey Item No: 133997. The beautiful fabric is available in our shop in 3 wonderful colourways.

Jersey is the best choice for self-sewn maternity wear, thanks to the elastane content, your garments grow with you and the most important thing: They do not pinch your ever-growing belly!

You can of course also use other fabrics for the autumn and winter months.

For fabrics without elastane, we recommend that you cut the fabric on the bias. So the skirt part remains elastic.



The pattern is available in sizes 34-44, UK: 6-16 Seam allowances are NOT included in the pattern.

Download the free maternity skirt pattern now. If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram and link us in @hemmersitex.

Attention: The pattern for the frills is not included in the pattern! For the ruffle, please cut 2 x 0.25m x 1.5m.

The pattern consists of 15x A4 pages, which you have to put together according to the following layout:

Nähen für die Schwangerschaft

Skirt part and cuffs, front: page 1-9

Umstandsmode selber nähen

Skirt part and back cuffs: page 10-15

Schwangerschaftsrock Schnittmuster


Fabric consumption

Would you like to sew the maternity skirt (cuffs and skirt) from the same jersey fabric?

For the light summer version you need approx. 2 mt of fabric (for all sizes). In this case, the cuff is made in one layer. Elastic is sewn into the upper area.

Of course, you can also cut the elastic waistband from our popular cuffing fabric and the skirt from another fabric of your choice.

For this variant you need approx. 0.9 m of cuffing fabric (0.35 m wide) and for the skirt: approx. 1.1 m of fabric (1.5 m wide).

You also need a narrow elastic band. The length depends on your waist size.

Sewing tip: This is how you can cut the skirt to save fabric: Fold both selvedges to the middle of the fabric.

As mentioned above, you can also use a normal cuff for the pregnancy skirt. This cuff has to be cut on the fold and looks like this:

Sew the waistband out of cuff fabric

Place both pieces of fabric unfolded, right sides together and sew the side seams together. Turn the waistband right side out so that the stitched seams are on the inside and fold it lengthways.

Sewing the skirt

Carefully pin the front cuffing onto the front part of the skirt and sew it together.

Carefully pin the back cuff onto the back skirt part and sew together.

Place both maternity skirt parts right sides together, first pin only one side and sew it together.

Schwangerschaftsrock Schnittmuster Freebook

The Ruffle

Lay both lengths of fabric right sides together, first sew only 2 short fabric edges together. Gather the fabric and pin it on to the hem of the skirt.

Close the side seam of the skirt and hem the frill.

Umstandsrock nähen Schnittmuster

Sewing on the elastic band

Sew a thin elastic band to the top of the fabric edge of the cuff with an overlock or a zigzag stitch. Fold over the edge of the fabric with the elastic band and sew again from the right side with a zigzag stitch. Finished!

Rock für die Schwangerschaft nähen

We wish you lots of fun sewing and a good pregnancy! Enjoy the time! Your fabric wholesaler.

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