Impfpasshülle aus Stoff

DIY Passport cover

Pattern for your immunisation passport  or even for your travel passport

“Germany is searching for the vaccination passport” Good news for everyone in Germany who has panicked and searched for that little yellow immunisation booklet! Today there is a new freebie for you – a pattern for a vaccination passport cover.

The vaccination certificate is definitely easier and faster to find in a pretty cover, made of brightly colored fabrics. Since many of us carry our vaccination certificate with us, this cover offers good protection against dirt and damage.

The finished sewn cover measures approx. 10 cm x 14 cm and can also be used as a cover for your travel passport.

Impfpasshülle Schnittmuster


We sewed our vaccination passport cover from the pretty cotton fabrics that you, as a fabric dealer, can find in our shop in the COTTON CLUB category.

The pretty cotton poplin is available in many designs and colors. These fabrics are not only ideal for textile decorative objects, they are also perfect for colorful summer dresses, blouses, shirts, bags, patchwork and quilt projects.

Article No: 134357, 134358, 134360, 133705, 133715

Deko Ideen aus Stoffresten


Download the free passport cover pattern now. If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram and link us to @hemmersitex.

The seam allowances are already included in the pattern.

Impfpasshülle Nähanleitung

Material consumption:

40 x 40cm cotton fabric

20 x 40cm Interlining H630


Firstly iron the outer fabric with the interlining. Here you can choose between interlining (H630) or a firm iron-on interlining: (H250).

Place the two pieces of fabric (outer fabric and inner fabric) right sides together and sew only the shorter, sloping fabric edges together.

Turn the material right side out and press the seams

Fold the cover along the marking (see marking on the template – “fold line”) right sides together and press.

Turn the cover inside out.

On the template you will find two markings (black triangles) – transfer them to the fabric and cut the fabric about 3mm in two these places.

Sew the side weft strips

Fold your outer fabric at the mark and fold the edge of the fabric with the seam inward.

Impfpasshülle nähen

Do the same for the lining.

Buchhülle nähen

All foldlines are exactly on top of one another. Fix the folded fabrics with fabric clips or pins.

Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Sew all the way around – don’t forget the opening for turning opening (preferably at the bottom in the middle)!

Impfpasshülle Tutorial

Turn the passport cover inside out, shape the corners, press well and  close the opening.

Impfpass Nähanleitung

Stay healthy and have a lot of fun sewing! Your fabric wholesaler.

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