FFP2 Maskentasche nähen

Sewing an FFP2 mask bag

Sewing an FFP2 mask bag – instructions and pattern

Who doesnt have this problem? The mask dangles from the rear-view mirror in the car, lies crumpled up in your hand or trouser pocket … Practically packaged, your face mask can neither be confused nor dirty. If the masks have to accompany us, then at least they can be packaged in style!

Our new mask bag is small but nice! The Freebie pattern was specially developed for FFP2 masks so that you can store and transport your mask easily.

The FFP2 sewing mask bag tutorial is a nice little sewing project for “in between” and perfect for recycling leftover fabric.

Masken Euti DIY

Download the free FFP2 mask bag pattern now. If you have a photo of your bag, please post it on Instagram and link us @hemmersitex.

Sewing an FFP2 mask bag

The seam allowances are already included in the pattern, so you can start right away after cutting out the pattern pieces.

For a mask you need approx. 45 x 32 cm of fabric. You can also reinforce the outer fabric of the mask pocket with volume fleece H630. For this you need approx. 30 x 20 cm fleece line.


Since iron-on fleece contracts a little while ironing, you should only cut your bag part after ironing on.

FFP2 Maskentasche Freebie

We sewed our mask bag from the pretty, colorful poplin fabrics that we already presented in this article.


BE AWARE! The inside pocket consists of two parts.


Take the two pattern parts of the inner pocket and place them right sides together. Sew them together, but leave a turning opening of about 5-6 cm in the middle. Iron the seam apart.

Wendeöffung nähen

Next, put both bag parts (outer fabric and inner fabric) right sides together and sew only the upper, short, straight edges of the fabric together.

Kleine Tasche für Maske nähen

Unfold the bag parts so that the shorter, sloping, side fabric edges, first outer fabric on outer fabric, lie right sides together and sew them together.

FFP2 Maske nähen

Repeat the same for the lining.

DIY Masken Etui

Put the lining in the pocket. Make sure that the seams of the short, side edges of the fabrics are aligned.

Maskentasche Tutorial

Now sew the opening, long, side edges of the fabric together.

Turn the mask bag right side out. Carefully shape the seams especailly the corners and the edges and iron them carefully.

Sew on a buttonhole and button. A push button or a magnetic clasp are of course also a great alternative!

Maskentasche FFP2 nähen

Stay healthy and have lots of fun sewing!
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