DIY Bedding

Sewing bed linen for children – without buttons and zippers.

A child’s room is a room full of imagination. A place where your children should like to be. Here people play, cuddle and sleep.

Nice bedding is an important part of the nursery and an important part of bedtime rituals. With these instructions to sew children’s bedding yourself, you can design this special retreat for your children. How nice that there are so many wonderful fabrics that you can use to sew bed linen for your children yourself!

A very nice guide to sewing bed linen for children can be found by the lovely Nastja from DIY Eule.

Our bed linen is anything but ordinary! This is what is known as the envelope cover. This interesting form of closure has been forgotten. It’s a shame and definitely one more reason to show you how this bed linen is sewn.

The practical thing about it is that you don’t need any buttons or zippers.

Kinderbettwäsche nähen


We sewed our cover using our beautiful jersey item no .: 1338860003. For bed linen, we recommend light cotton fabrics, muslin, poplin.

Do you already know our  Herzenswünsche-Fabrics?

This is our absolute favourite project!  Herzenswünsche e.V. is a nationwide association that fulfills long-awaited wishes for seriously ill children and young people in order to give them new courage, strength and joy.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this series of fabrics will be going stright to the charity in support of all the great work they do.

134182_0001_B (1)


Cut the fabric for the duvet cover. The duvet cover will be sewn from two separate pieces of fabric.

You will also need a piece of fabric that is larger than our printed templates.

We have prepared three templates for the pattern (the hole in the middle of the cover) for you.

Print out the template and transfer it to your fabric. Now draw a seam allowance of approx. 5 cm around the template.

Cut out your shape and finish of the edges of the fabric.

Position the template correctly on the fabric

Fold your fabric (duvet cover, upper layer) first lengthways in the middle and then again crosswise. You can iron the fold lines so that they are clearly visible later.

You will find positioning lines on the templates. Make sure that the center of the template is exactly in the middle of the fabric..

Bettwäsche für Kinder nähen

Carefully pin your shape on the right side of the duvet cover and slowly and precisely sew the lines. Use the transparent presser foot on your sewing machine so you can see the lines easier.

Bettwäsche DIY

Cut out the inside – except for 1 cm seam allowance.

Tutorial Bettwäsche

Please cut into the seam allowances

This makes it easier to turn the fabric over on the wrong side.

Turn the fabric inside out through the hole.

Shape the edges. Handstitch both layers of the fabric first or pin them in place with pins – this will help you when ironing.

In addition, stitch the edges from the right side.


Now put the two parts of your duvet cover right sides together, sew, and turn the cover right side out. Finished!

We wish your child lots of wonderful dreams!

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