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DIY Hobo bag

Hobo bag free sewing pattern

A new bag is like a new life … and that’s exactly why twe are today introducing you to our new Hobo bag  pattern. The hobo bag is a crescent shape and the wide strap is worn over the shoulder. It is practical, spacious and casual – simply the ideal companion for everyday life that really goes with every style!

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We sewed our hobo bag using our imitation leather item no .: 129 470 5011.

Yellow means glow, rays, the sun and the light. Yellow stands for optimism and was chosen by the Pantone Institute as the trend color of the year 2021.

Are you a cloth dealer? You can find our high-quality, soft synthetic leather with a slight metallic shine in our shop in many colors.



The seam allowances are already included in the cut.

Download the free hobo bag pattern now. The seam allowances are already included in the cut.

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Transfer the templates to the fabric and cut out the pattern pieces. The seam allowance is already included in the cut. So sew the pocket exactly to the width of the presser foot.


Draw the darts on the wrong side of the fabric. Pin the darts in place with pins and sew along the marked line.

Iron the darts. If you sew your bag out of synthetic leather – of course, only iron the darts of the inside pocket.

To prevent the fabric becoming too bulky, you can iron the darts at the front of the bag down and the darts at the back of the bag up.

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Place the front part of the bag on top of the back part of the bag, right sides together, secure with fabric clips and sew together.

Make sure to leave a turning opening free from sewing.

Insert the pocket from the outer fabric into the pocket from the lining fabric, right sides together, and sew the upper fabric edges together. Cut into the seam allowances. Turn right. Shape the seam, topstitch the width of a presser foot. Turn inside out again.

PLEASE NOTE: At this point you can also sew in a zipper

The handle

Push the handle through the opening and position it in the middle of the side seam.

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So that the handle does not slip, you can also topstitch it close to the edge.

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Fold the outer fabric from both sides towards the middle – as if you wanted to wrap the handle with the fabric. 

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The fabric edges meet here exactly in the middle. Fix with fabric clips.

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Now unfold the lining material, once to the left and once to the right, so that the fabric edges meet exactly in the middle. Pin and topstitch the whole thing.

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Insert the other end of the handle into the second opening from the inside and repeat the same thing.

Turn the bag inside out and close the opening.

DIY upcycling Idea: Make your own hobo bag from old leather jacket or jeans.

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