Turban hat

Sewing a turban hat – without a pattern!

We just can’t get enough of all these pretty turban hats! Following on from our turban with a bow, our turban with a knot, and our turban with a frill from Little Darling plus the turban from Milliblu’s! We would like to now show you how you can sew a turban hat without any pattern at all.

In just 20 minutes you can conjure up this cute little hat for your little darlings with these instructions “Sewing a turban hat without a pattern”. Especially when time is a little bit more stressful, we need fixed sewing projects.

Fabric requirement

You will need 2 strips of fabric for the turban. For a head circumference of 54-56 cm approx. 60 cm long and 26 cm wide.

The actual length of the fabric will depend on the elasticity and of cause the bulk of your fabric.

Do you want to sew the turban for a child? How to find the length of the fabric strip:

Head circumference + approx. 5 cm

Width: approx. 22 cm

The turban is sewn in a single layer. With stretchy fabrics, the fabric edges roll inwards so what  uaually annoys us so much about sewing with jersey is in this case an advantage! The fabric edges, that roll naturally inwards, form a pretty hem finish.


For our turban we used our beautiful jersey fabric item no: 124 554 6016.

You can also sew your turban hat wonderfully from light knitted fabrics.

New in our range: Houndstooth knit jacquard Art.No .: 134242. Traders can find the fabric on our online shop.

134242_7002_B (1)


Draw the measurements directly onto the fabric. Make sure the strips stretch along the long side.

Overlock the long edges of the fabric.

The small seam numbers on the drawing show which edges are sewn together.

Turban Mütze nähen

Sew a small strip: Cut a 10 x 10 cm piece of fabric for the strip out of the leftover fabric.

Place right sides together and sew two of the edges together, turn right side out and press. Make sure that the seam is centered.

Place the strip in a ring and sew the short edges of the fabric together.

Pull the long strips of fabric through the latch.

Lay the fabric edges (number of seams: 2-2) right sides together and sew together just before the loop. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Fold the turban so that the right sides of the fabric are on the inside.

Mütze nähen

The ends of the strips (the short sides) lie on top of one another.

Sew the center back seam from seam numbers 3 to 1 and sew continuously from this point to just before the small loop.

Gather the reverse center seam. Alternatively, you can sew on a stretched piece of elastic at this point.

Turn the seam allowances inwards on the lower edge and if necessary stitch in place with a stretchy stitch, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Turban Mütze Anleitung

We hope you have fun making this project and rake in a lot of compliments!

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