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AVRIL cute tunic dress

Free girl dress sewing pattern – AVRIL cute tunic dress FREEBOOK

There is a reason to cheer! We have been working on this new pattern for a long time and tadaaa – finally the time has come!

The free pattern for this cute girl’s dress is finally online!

We spontaneously named the dress AVRIL. Avril is slightly oversized and can grow with your child for a long time. The gathered kimono sleeves are typical Avril. The cut includes long and short sleeves so that you can sew the dress in different variations all year round. For the long sleeves, we recommend a elastic hem band, it not only looks more cute – it is more practical for small children and does not restrict freedom of movement.

Special thanks goes to our wonderful, creative rehearsal seamstresses! Thank you for your effort, commitment, feedback and the great exchange that we experienced in the trial sewing group! Without you this post would not have been possible!

Take a look at the great photos and be inspired!

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We have sewn our two dresses from the batik muslin item no. 132698 and linen item no. 111000 sewn.

Light cotton fabrics, poplin, voile, batiste or baby cord would also be good choices for this cute dress. Of course, you can also sew the dress out of stretchy fabrics. In that case you simply can do without the button placket on the back. You can border the neckline with a cuff like a T-shirt.

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The pattern is available in 3 sizes:

Size 92cm: Chest of finished garment: 62 cm

Size 98cm: Chest of finished garment: 63 cm

Size 104: Chest of finished garment: 64 cm

Download the free girl dress pattern now. Attention! The cut does NOT contain any seam allowances!

If you have a photo of your finished dress, feel free to post it on Instagram and link us to @hemmersitex

Girls dress sewing instructions

Sew shoulder seams together, finish seam and iron backwards

Button placket on the back

Iron on Vlieseline (H 180). Vlieseline template is highlighted in gray on the pattern.

Neaten the straight edges of the fabric and iron inwards at the fold line.

Neckline Facing

Reinforce the facing with Vlieseline. Neaten the shoulder seams and sew together. Iron apart.

Neaten the outer edge of the facings.

Sew the finished facing to the neckline.

Mark the front part of the dress and the neckline facing at the front – center with a pin.

First pin the short fabric edges of the trim to the button placket right sides together and sew.

Pin the facing on the right sides of the neckline.

Make sure that the shoulder seams and all markings (front part and trim in the middle) are on top of each other. Sew.

Cut or cut back the seam allowances. Shape the corners of the button placket with a pencil.

Iron the facings onto the wrong side of the fabric and topstitch from the right, including the button placket.

Sew buttonholes.

Gather up sleeves

The sleeves are gathered together over the entire length of the front and back.

Pin the sleeves right sides together on the front and back.

Make sure that the first 2-3 cm remain smooth and that the shoulder marking is on the shoulder seam. Sew.

Sleeves – neaten off hem.

Pin the lower fabric edges of the sleeves right sides together, sew together and finish. Iron the seam.

Iron the hem inwards. Topstitch.

Variant with elastic cuffs.

Elastic band length: 20cm

Iron the sleeve hem inwards.

Leave an opening for the elastic band and topstitch, Insert the elastic band. Sew the opening closed.

Back part

Put both button plackets on top of each other and fix with an auxiliary seam.

Skirt part

Neaten the short edges of the fabric and the lower hem edge, pin right sides together, sew, iron the seam apart.

Gather to the width of the top.

Pin the gathered fabric right sides together on the dress.

The seam of the skirt is in the middle of the button placket. Stitch and neaten of the edge on the top.

Iron the hem at the bottom and topstitch.

Sew it and share it!

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