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Sew cozy!

Sweater scarf sewing pattern 

Cuddle up and feel cosy! A knitted scarf, or simply put, a scarf with sleeves, that turns into a jacket in no time at all. Its an ideal companion for the cold wet days, a faithful, transitional, essential piece for everyones winter wardrobe, but also for cooler evenings in the summer. A wonderful, feminine accessory that you can combine both everyday and elegance!

The scarf with sleeves is definitely an absolute eye-catcher that can be sewn quickly and easily. A great project for sewing beginners who are new to sewing knitwear.

Knitting is a science in itself! As pretty and cuddly as they are, sewing a great sweater yourself comes with its own challenges, and to make sure you don’t lose the fun, Milliblu’s has put together some tips and tricks for sewing with knitted fabrics HERE.

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We sewed our scarf from knitted fabric item no: 205077. What is special about this fabric? The knit is very elastic this is very important when choosing your fabric for this design. The fabric must have good longitudinal and transverse elasticity.

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Material consumption:

You can sew the scarf from 2 pieces of fabric. This saves on fabric and is great for using up fabric leftovers.

With a scarf width of 50 cm you need 1 m of knitted fabric. First cut 2 pieces of fabric 0.5m x 1m and sew them together.

For a scarf  sewn without a center seam you will need 2.4 m of knitted fabric. This version of the scarf  will need to be cut across the grain.

You can definitely use the generous leftovers for other great sewing projects!

Attention: For larger clothing sizes, we recommend cutting the scarf approx. 20 cm longer.

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Overlock the long edges of the fabric with an overlock machine.

Fold the fabric lengthways, right sides together and measure 15 cm from the short fabric edge.

Sew to this mark and turn the scarf right side out.


Sew the fabric into a ring and fold in half, wrong sides together

Pull the cuffs right sides together into the scarf sleeve and sew evenly, stretching as you go. Ready!

The scarf can be worn in several different ways. On YouTube we have discovered a great “How to wear” video for you!

Your fabric wholesaler wishes you lots of fun sewing!

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