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The most important tips and tricks for sewing with pre-quilted fabric.

So many great jacket fabrics in stores, but you don’t dare to wear them?

Not to worry, you can actually sew your dream jacket or long gilet yourself, today we will show you how to do it!


You can iron the quilted fabric! Caution! The fabric is made of synthetic fibers – these should be ironed on the lowest setting. Make sure to choose a low temperature.

Your fabric has creases that don’t want to go away? You can cover the fabric with a cotton cloth and dampen it before pressing.

It’s best to try a small spot first!


As with any fabric, we generally recommend doing a test seam.

The quilted fabric consists of 2 or 3 layers of material. The outer fabric is mostly nylon, so a new Universal or Microtex needle size 80 – 90 is always a good choice.

You should avoid ripping, as the punctures of the needles leave small holes in the fabric.

So it is better to use clips instead of pins.


As with all thicker and outdoor fabrics, the stitch length should be increased.


Good preparation is advised for the success of your sewing project.

The golden rule is: pin, baste and only then sew.

Nonetheless, some quilted fabrics distort and shift when sewing and overlocking- especially the outer fabric, as it is often coated.

The fabric “sticks” to the presser foot and is poorly fed.

A presser foot with a sliding sole (Teflon foot) is a great help. If you don’t have a Teflon foot, stick two strips of washi tape on the bottom, left and right of the lower surface of the presser foot.

The stepper can be sewn very well (even without special sewing feet) if the right, beautiful side is facing down.

Sometimes it is also helpful to hold the fabric at the front and back while sewing and keep it under tension without hindering the transport of the sewing machine.

So that you can implement our tips straight away, we have prepared two sewing patterns for quilted fabrics. Just have a look HERE and get inspired!

Are you a fabric dealer? You will find a large selection of quilted jacket fabrics on our online shop.

So that we can advise you personally, you can now arrange a digital sales appointment with us and speak to your personal fabric expert.

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