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Muslin dress sewing pattern

Muslin dress sewing pattern – apron dress EMMA

Attention to all Mothers of girls! Are you just as crazy as we are, when you see this sweet muslin dress with ruffles? you will probably find it difficult to keep your fingers away from the fabric!

The cut is designed for sizes 2 years to 5 years for non-stretchy fabrics.

The pattern is designed like an apron. You can wear it over another dress, but also over jeans or leggings.

You can of course also sew it as a dress, by closing the side seams.

Note: Dear sewing mamas, please don’t be surprised! The dress in the picture has a round neckline and a slit in the back. To make sewing less complicated, we decided on a V-neckline at the front and back when we made the pattern. 

Musselin Kleid Schnittmuster

Our fabric recommendation

We sewed our dress from our beautiful double gauze Muslin – THE fabric that summer is made of!

This fabric is decorated with pretty small embroidered flower tendrils. This gives the fabric a dreamy, romantic look. Are you a cloth dealer? You can find the fabric in our shop in 15 other colours under item number 133948.

Light cotton fabrics, poplin or cute checks would also be good choices for this cute dress.

The entire top is lined with the same fabric. If you want to sew the dress for summer, you can also use a light batiste fabric in the same color for it. 127223

Sewing  the muslin dress

Transfer the templates to the fabric. Adding a 1 cm seam allowance and cut out all parts.

The seam allowances are already included in the cut for the ties and ruffles.

Sewing instructions

Place part A on part D from the outer fabric, right sides together and sew the shoulder seams together. Iron the seams apart.

2 x: Place part B on part C from the outer fabric right sides together and sew the shoulder seams together here too. Iron the seams apart.

Repeat the same for the parts from the inner fabric.

Place the middle part of the outer fabric (A + D) on the middle part of the inner fabric right sides together, sew the neckline together all around. Cut the seam allowances, turn right side out and iron the neckline.

The Ties

Fold the narrow strips of fabric right sides together in the middle. Sew the short and long edges of the fabric together. Turn right side out and iron.

Side part with binding tape

Place the side parts (B + C) right sides together, sew the armholes together. Place the tie from the inside, directly under the armhole seam.

Sew the sides together. Turn right side out and iron.

The ruffle

Along the longest edge, fold in the middle, wrong sides facing and gather to the X cm. Make sure that the first 2-3 cm remain smooth. This will make it easier for you to sew on the ruffle later.

Place the ruffle on the middle part (A + D) of the dress. The fold line of the ruffle points towards the neckline. You can first topstitch the ruffle close to the edge with an auxiliary seam.

Pin the side parts (B + C) onto the middle part with the ruffle (A + D) and sew together.

The skirt

Finish off the skirt edges. fold the hem inside (right sides together) and sew on both sides (only the hem height) the same width as the presser foot. Turn the hem right side out. Shape the corners with a pencil. Iron and topstitch the hem and the side seams.

Gather the skirt to the width of the front and back of the bodice.

Pin the skirt part onto the outer fabric of the front part and sew together. The seam automatically turns up and “disappears” into the top.

Repeat the same on the back.

Fold the seam allowances of the inner parts inwards and stitch in place either by hand or with the sewing machine.

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Muslin dress sewing pattern

Download the free muslin dress sewing pattern now. Warning! The cut does not contain any seam allowances!

If you have a photo of it, please post it on Instagram and link us @hemmersitex #hiemma

Musselin Kleid Schnittmuster

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