Haarturban kostenloses Schnittmuster


Hair turban sewing pattern and tutorial

Girls know this problem: if you have washed your hair and wrapped a towel around your head, it constantly loosens and slips off your head!

Those days are definitely over with our DIY hair turban! A hair turban is an ingenious invention and if you don’t have one yet, or are looking for a simple but really great DIY gift idea made of fabric, you should definitely download the free hair turban pattern and sew yourself one!

Goodbye to falling of towels! Thanks to its fit, button and small loop, the hair turban sits really well on your head without slipping. So you can get ready in peace while your hair is drying in your turban.


For this wonderful, simple sewing project, we generally recommend fabrics that are particularly absorbent.

We have sewn our hair turban from a very special fabric that definitely deserves a closer look.


The fabulous Bamboo Terrycloth Article No: 133265 (information for traders) is available on our online shop in 16 wonderful colours. 40% viscose. Fibres from the bamboo pulp were used for the production.


Due to its rapid growth, bamboo is one of the most sustainable raw materials currently grown.

Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic and wood and not only provides us with building materials and food, this exotic plant can also be made into textiles.

Fabrics that are made from bamboo fibers are:

• heat regulating

• breathable

• moisture wicking

• fast drying

• antibacterial

• crease-resistant

• soft

• colourfast

• easy to care for

So it’s no wonder that we chose this great fabric! Bamboo terry is perfect for baby clothing, comfortable pants, tops, pajamas and much more.

Bamboo Frottee
Frottee Jersey
Frotte Stoffe


Download the free hair turban sewing pattern now. If you have a photo of your turban, feel free to post it on Instagram and link us to @hemmersitex.

The pattern consists of 4 A4 pages that you have to glue together, ( dont forget too print at 100%). The finished turban is approximately 25cm x 75cm.

Haarturban Schnittmuster


Transfer the templates to the fabric and cut the pieces according to the cutting instructions. The seam allowances are already included.

Finish off all the fabric edges.

Fold the elastic in half lengthways and form a loop.

Pin the loop to the narrow curve on the pattern piece, right sides together.

The loop ends are flush with the edge of the fabric and the loop points to the straight edge of the fabric. Sew on the loop close to the edge.

Now put the two parts right sides together and sew the round fabric edges together.

Sew the button by hand, at the front, about 4cm from the edge of the fabric.

Now lay the straight edges of the fabric approx. 1 cm inwards and fix them with pins or fabric clips. Now you can topstitch the hem in the width of the presser foot with an elastic stitch (e.g. with a zigzag stitch). Finished!

Use the hair turban whilst your head is upside down at the back of the head. Wrap your hair in the towel and just pull the loop around the button.

Turban nähen

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