How exciting, your child’s first day at school. We have an excellent gift idea that they can pack into their school bag.


Does your child like mermaids? This mermaid fin is sewn very quickly and can be packed with pens, glue, scissors and a ruler ready for their first day. Using shiny imitation leather for the fin brings it to life.

Have fun with the free pattern and instructions. We look forward to you showing us your result and sharing it with us on Instagram.

We wish all your excited pre-schoolers a good first day.

What do you need?

• Artificial leather rose gold 30 x 30 cm

• 80 cm cord

• Alternatively: use snap fastener

• Transfer all pattern pieces to the wrong side of the fabric adding a1 cm seam allowance and cut out.


Tunnel for cord

Fold the short edges oft he fabric 1 cm inwards and topstitch as wide as a presser foot

Fold the pattern lengthways in the middle and pin along the upper fabric edge of the fin

Sew the fin

Place both fins right sides together, secure and sew together.

Attention: The place where the tunnel for the cord was sewn is pretty

thick. To make sewing past this point without any problems, use a zipper foot.

Cut back seam allowances, turn right side out, and neaten the corners.

To finish

In addition, topstitch the upper edge of the fin.

Insert the cord into the tunnel, Alternatively, you could use a snap lock.