This pattern will help you to grill in style and comes with a practical pocket for a cleaning cloth or utensils!

Of course, the apron protects you from marinade stains, grease stains and ketchup splatters. We think however this is such a cool apron that you can still wear it when the embers have gone out (or the gas is turned off).

Whether in the summer as a barbecue apron for outdoors or as an indoor kitchen apron – grab the pattern and design your own apron. By the way, it is also a great gift for all BBQ fans and barbecue enthusiasts.

For this apron we have used our coated cotton twill, item no.: 132.631 Col. 3017.

But more on this in the step-by-step instructions. The pattern is suitable for children’s barbecue aprons and adults.

Have fun sewing and, above all keep grilling!

What do you need?

  • Fabric (such as our coated cotton twill)
  • thread
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine
  • cord
  • possibly metal eyelets (e.g. from VENO)

BBQ apron

A suitable basic pattern is e.g. Lenippunkt’s kitchen apron.

Of course, you are welcome to create a pattern yourself according to our specifications.

We have pimped up our apron a little with a practical pocket, metal eyelets in gold and a great cotton cord. If you like to wear aprons, but are always annoyed that you can’t really sew a pocket, then these instructions are perfect for you

Our fabric: coated cotton twill. Art. No.: 132.631 Col. 3017

How to do it:

Print out the template for the pocket and cut it out.

Cut the pattern for the kitchen apron approx. 5 cm below the places where the ties will later be.

Put the two resulting parts together with the template for the pocket. Make sure that you place the pocket exactly in the middle of the apron.

Cut the fabric on the fold.

Pin the upper part of the apron with right sides together. Sew the dividing seam and the pocket bags. Iron the seam and possibly reinforce the pocket opening with short seams.

We have done without the traditional ties. Simply fold in 4 large metal eyelets (via Veno GmbH) and pull the cord or a nice ribbon through.

The apron is now ready for your next party or as a gift.

Have fun sewing and then grilling.

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