The mask requirement is now official and the demand for masks is enormous. But which makeshift mask fits best, is breathable and easy to wash? A doctor from Berlin has developed a mask that fits perfectly and is washable up to 60 degrees. The pattern is called “Be safe”.

The Berlin doctor made the pattern available to us to use. Kristina Kollwer, fashion designer from Nordhorn, sewed the pattern for us as a sample and Franzi has already tried the mask in real use and finds that it is super comfortable to wear. The Berlin doctor recommends pipe cleaners for the nose bridge. This is a little softer on the nose and doesn’t pinch that much.

The nose bridge and the elastic band can be easily replaced. The bar can be removed to wash the mask. We used Freudenberg’s fleece (100% recycled PES) as the inner fleece. It can be washed up to 60 degrees, which is completely sufficient.

What do you need?

Outer fabric (best to use 100% cotton)
Inner lining
Mask fleece (example from Freudenberg 100% recycled PES)

With the new mask panels from Hemmers Itex we have already marked out the pattern pieces on the fabric. Including inner and outer fabric. Only the mask fleece is needed extra. Ask your dealer who has the mask panels in their range.


1st step:

Transfer the outline of the pattern to your fabric. You need the outer fabric, the inner lining, the filter bag and the pocket for the nose bridge

2nd step:

Now iron over the short edges of the nose bridge, then iron the long side together, left sides together, and sew one side shut. The other side remains open.

3rd step:

Sew the pocket for the nose bridge onto the inner lining.

4th step:

Put the inside pocket and the outside lining with the right sides together. You can add a seam at the top and bottom to the marked points.

5th step:

Now turn the mask over and iron the edges smooth.

6th step:

The folds are placed in the marked areas.

7th step:

Use the ruler to measure the top and bottom envelopes (Kids 4cm, Adult 5cm)

8th step:

The filter pocket is hemmed in on the right and left with an impact of 2x 5mm.

9th step:

Now place the filter bag from the inside on your lining. Here the edge should be flush with the edge of the envelope (step 7).

10th step:

Now top and bottom seams are set. Make sure that the filter bag is also caught into the seam.

11th step:

11 a) Variant with darts (if you don’t want one, go straight to 11 b): A dart is now set (it can also be done without a dart) to improve the fit on the chin. It has a width of 1.5 cm towards the middle and a height of approx. 4-4.5 cm.

11b) Variant without darts: A 1cm wide tunnel is now sewn on the right and left. This is used for the elastic band (approx. 22cm), which can be pulled through on both sides.

12th step:

A pipe cleaner or wire can now be inserted into the top of the pocket for the nose bridge.

13th step:

Your mask is now ready and you can insert the Freudenberg fleece (item number 850392) into the filter bag.

Have fun sewing and stay healthy!

Your Hemmers Itex team