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Cowl scarf free sewing pattern – tutorial

It’s cold outside baby and all you need now is a warm, cosy cowl scarf!

So that you no longer have to freeze, we have maked a free pattern for a convenient neck warmer for you.

The Freebook is available in many sizes – from 46 cm to 58 cm head circumference, so that you can equip your whole family with these fantastic cowl scarf. The neck sock can be easily pulled over the head. Thanks to the narrow and slightly flared shape, the neck warmer stays in place, protects against the wind and provides cosy warmth.

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We recommend soft and stretchy fabrics for the cowl scarf.

Fleece, knitwear, but also jersey are always good choices. We have sewn our neck sock with the beautiful Nicki Fleece item no. 132303. The special thing about this soft flowing fabric is that the underside side is comfortably stable and the right side is velvety like a Nicki fabric.

Are you a fabric dealer? You can find the fabric on our online shop in 16 beautiful colors.

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Download the free cowl scarf pattern now. Plase be aware that the seam allowance is not included in the pattern.

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The neck sock is sewn according to the same principle as a loop scarf.

When cutting, make sure that the fabric stretches to the width.

Cut the parts of the neck sock 2 x from the outer fabric and 2 x from the inner fabric.

Place the two pieces from the outer fabric on top of each other right sides together and sew them together on one side only with a stretchy stitch.

Do the same with the cut pieces from the inner fabric.

Now place the unfolded neck sock from the outer fabric on top of the equally unfolded neck sock from the inner fabric and sew the upper and lower fabric edges together.

A tube has been created and the neck sock is sewn in the same way as a loop scarf.

Now reach your hand through the tube and pull the opening through to the front until the two openings are right sides together.

Make sure that the seams meet.

Sew the fabric edges together all the way around except for one turning opening. Turn the neck sock right side out and close the opening.

You can also topstitch the top and bottom edges of your neck sock with a stretchy stitch. Finished!

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