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Have you always wanted to sew a chic shopper? Then these sewing instructions and the free pattern for this great bag are just right for you!

Say hello to #shopperbageins – maybe your new, self-sewn favorite bag?

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Women can never have enough Bags! This really great pattern was created in collaboration with Karin from @blackcatsewing.

Karin lives with her husband, child and a black cat in Baden-Württemberg. After her daily job in sales, her creativity can be found on Instagram under the @blackcatsewing account. She designed this magical pencil case for Milliblu’s.

This time she designed the pattern for the shopper made of artificial leather for us, carefully photographed every step and wrote the instructions.

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Karin sewed the shopper out of synthetic leather with a braided look Article No: 132892. The artificial leather is available in our shop for traders in six great, trendy colors. The wonderful poplin with the incredibly realistic rose pattern Article No: 129028 was used for the lining.

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The shopper is a really spacious and practical bag to have. The pattern offers an incredible number of possibilities using differnt fabrics each time.

Sewn from synthetic leather, you can take your DIY shopper to the office. Of course, this bag is also great for stowing your purchases. #shopperbageins simply does everything. It is really an ideal everyday companion and an absolute space saver!

Download the free shopper pattern and instructions now. If you have a photo of your bag, please post it on Instagram with the hashtag #shopperbageins and link us – @blackcatsewing & @hemmersitex.

Pattern and instructions #shopperbagEINS

Created by: Karin Pehlić @blackcatsewing

  • Material for the outer fabric (leather, canvas, etc.) 70cm x 140cm
  • inner fabric (cotton, satin, etc.) 50cm x 140cm
  • fleece as desired
  • 4 square rings 2.5cm magnetic closure or similar 8 book screws or rivets zipper 30cm and 1 slider
  • 1 carabiner


  • Pattern (all parts incl. 1cm seam allowence) L – length W – width H – height – seam allowance outer fabric bottom L 35cm – H 15cm side 1 H 30cm – W 20cm 2 times side 2 H 30cm – W 30cm 2 times reinforcement requirement
  • Lining bottom L 35cm – H 15cm stripes inside made of outer fabric L 48cm – H 10cm side L 48cm – H 22cm twice
  • Handle made of outer fabric, suspension H 10cm – W 5cm 4 times, handle L 70cm – W 10cm 2 times
  • Inner workings made of inner material Slide-in pocket W 30cm – H 30cm Zippered pocket W 25 cm – H 40cm Suspension key ring made of outer material L 15cm – W 5cm


  • Sew side 1 and side 2 together, topstitch, mark center top and bottom. Mark notches for the suspension each 8cm to the right and left of the center.
  • Sew the maunting
  • Sew the maunting onto the side parts (notches) inside the NZ
  • Sew the side parts together and topstitch
  • Mark the top and bottom center as well as right and lef.. Clamp the long side to the upper part center to center and right to right. Sewing on.
  • Leave 1cm free on the right and left!
  • Cut the upper parts up to the seam.
  • Pin the short sides
  • Sew and cut back the corners Picture 13
  • Shape and turn.
  • Sew one zip side on the inside of the zip pocket on the narrow side. Open the slide.
  • Turn and close the sides.
  • Sew the zip pocket in the middle of a lining part within Seam allowence.
  • Fold the pocket and sew it right sides together.
  • Sew in the center of a lining piece and topstitch fans as required.
  • Fold and sew suspension key fob as required and attach to a side panel.
  • Sew stripes to the inside of the lining and topstitch.
  • Mark the side parts in the middle at the top and bottom and sew the side seams together.
  • Sew in the bottom as described above. Leave a part open as a turning opening!
  • Put the lining right sides together in the outer pocket and sew on all around.
  • Quilting
  • Attach the magnetic clasp.
  • Close the turning opening and sew the handles.
  • Fasten the binding screws.
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Have fun with your new #shopperbagEINS!

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