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DIY Halloween


Bat pattern – free instructions for everyone who wants to bring a little halloween flair into their home.

For many children it has become a highlight of the year, the hunt for treats in the neighborhood. But since the horror takes place at home this year, we’ve come up with a little DIY idea for your kids. Of course, bats are a must on Halloween! To sweeten the fancy horror festival a little, we have a patter nto sew a bat.

Terrible … our Halloween bat, which we made from our cotton velvet Article No: 120 906 has a secret pocket on ist tummy where you can hide your sweets!


Download the free bat pattern now. If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram and link us to @hemmersitex.

A seam allowance of 1 cm is already included in the pattern. Transfer the templates to the fabric and cut them out.


Put right sides together. Sew with presser foot width then, turn right side out. Push out the corners with a pencil or chopstick. Topstitch the ears again with a presser foot width from on the right side.


The wing consists of 2 parts. To make it look nicer, you can iron on a pattern piece with batting.

Place right sides together. Sew with presser foot width together, turn right side out. Cut back the seam allowances. Push out the corners with a pencil or chopstick. Topstitch with the presser foot width from the right side

Fledermaus nähen

Tummy Pocket

Fold the seam allowance inwards and topstitch. Position the pocket on the stomach and sew on close to the edge.

Halloween Deko nähen

Pin the ears and the wings to the front part and sew on tightly.

Nähen für Kinder

Back part

The back section consists of two parts. Place both parts right sides together and sew together except for a small opening.

Iron the seam allowances apart.

Batman nähen

Place the back on the front, right sides together. So that the large wings don’t bother you while sewing, you can fold them and fix them with a few pins. Sew together all around and turn right side out.

Fill the bat with cotton wool and close the opening.

You can fill the little pocket with sweets and sour candy and give it to your child as a little surprise for Halloween. We hope you enjoy sewing!

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