Do you know the game Tic Tac Toe? Perhaps you played it in your childhood? You probably used to play this game with the person sitting next to you at school while the maths teacher was writing difficult formulas on the blackboard. It’s similar to “Four in a row”. If you place three of the same symbols in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you win.

We have prepared a practical Tic Tac Toe-To-Go version for you made from felt and scraps of fabric. Its ideal for a long car trip or whilst having a picnic. Are you going on a camping holiday? Then this game packs small and is ready to play on arrival.


Easy to pack away and travel with you, so you will always have something to keep the children busy. You can use your scraps of fabric for the play buttons, search through your scraps box to see if you have leftovers from licensed fabrics with your kids’ favourite characters (fireman Sam, Elsa or Felix the rabbit, etc.). Or you can use a combination of cotton fabrics with different patterns such as stripes and dots.


Download the free pattern now, and enjoy your holiday entertainment idea.

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• Felt for the Board (the advantage of felt is that you don’t have to finish of the edge of the fabric)
• Remnants of fabric for the game buttons (for each 2 x five game pieces that differ in colour 10 x 10 cm)
• Fabric markers


1. Cut out all parts without seam allowances.
Little trick for beautifully round circles: To draw the circles on the fabric, you can use a simple water glass as a template.
2. Sew the handle 7 cm away from the edge of the fabric on the short edge of the fabric of the carrier bag.
3. Draw a grid on the board with a marker pen. To position the lines exactly, first fold the green part in the middle and mark 5 cm to the left and 5 cm to the right from there. One field has a size of 10 x 10 cm.
4. Sew lines with a straight stitch.
5. Sew on the playing field.
6. Put the inner compartment on the second inner part in green and stitch on 3 sides.
7. Put a seam in the middle so that there are 2 compartments.
8. Sew the second inner part with the compartment onto the outer pocket.
9. Cut out circles.
10. Sew 2 circles together.
11. Each player receives 5 different coloured counters

Let’s play – have fun. If you have a photo, please post it on Instagram and link us to @hemmersitex

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