Are you looking for a birthday present that you would like to make yourself? Then this cloud mobile is just right for you. The pattern comes from Little Darling. It’s an easy sewing project and suitable for beginners to sew.

It is really very simple project that both the baby and the parents will love to recieve.

What do you need?

The finished cloud is approx. 30 x 22 cm. The raindrops: 6 x 5 cm. For the cloud mobile, scraps of fabric can also be used!


  • Remnants of fabric in bright colors
  • Sewing machine
  • Clips and pins
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Iron

Note that 1cm needs to be added for the seam allownce

Cutting: Fold the fabric right sides together. Place the templates on the fabric, pin in place and cut out with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Sewing: Place both pattern pieces right sides together, sew the width of a presser foot all around – except for a small opening. Cut the seam allowances back to approx. 3 mm.

Turn right side out, stuff with polyfill and sew up the opening by hand.

You can also use the cloud and raindrops with open edges.

It’s even faster and definitely easier to sew. This is perfect for beginners.

For this purpose, both fabrics are placed inside out, with a layer of batting in between. Simply sew and cut out the contours.

The raindrops are sewn to the cloud by hand with thread (preferably in different lengths).

To hang up the cloud, you can sew a nice ribbon at the top.

The self-sewn cloud mobile is finished.